3 heures de dessin ou peinture accompangné par des conseils et encouragements, dans un atelier d’artiste entouré par la nature….

Thème libre, sujets choisi par les élèves.

Le talent n’est pas donné 
comme un arbre adulte, 
il est cultivé 
à partir d’une graine de désir.

Voici les œuvres produits lors des derniers stages. Prochain opportunité samedi 1 ou 29 Avril. 3 inscrits dèjà pour Samedi 1 – maximum 7.

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IMG_0006 (1)

Nouvelle exposition en preparation pour le 8 Avril – jusqu’au 25 Avril 2017 à la Galerie Passère FORCALQUIER  ouvert le jeudi après-midi 15h00 à 18h00, samedi et Dimanche de 10h00 à 12h00 et Lundi de 10h00 à 12h00fullsizeoutput_bf8fullsizeoutput_c00


2/12/2016      There is nothing like painting to teach one that everything is relative.  Change one tone and the effect is immediately felt elsewhere. The observer could easily mistake the change.  Here I have lightened the tone of the window frame and the exterieur as well as working on the jug and a little on the geraniums. The sugar bowl has also had a few touches and the flower pot. More to be done still but I am beginning to feel happy with this one.  huile sur toile 50 x 70 cms



Exposition du 17  au 24 Décembre à La Galerie Passère 04300 Forcalquier

Petits aquarelles – “Il été une fois sur le bord d’une fenêtre” 

Small watercolours – “Once upon a time on a windowsill” numeriser-7numeriser-4numeriser-16

Small oil landscapes -Petits paysages à l’huile


Eva into the light….

This picture was considered finished and I was happy with the light and the intensity of colour in the background. Just one thing bothered me – that was the contrast between the line of the back and the background. There was no nuance of colour or shading to allow the eye to move from one to the other. This being one of the most important elements to a successful painting, i.e. that the eye can move freely around  the picture following paths of  tone and colour. For this reason and also to bring this picture to them same level as a partner piece (Eggman), I began again. One of the most useful things I learnt in Art School was that one must not allow something one feels to be successful in a picture to hold one back from taking the whole work where it needs to go.  IMG_0002

Here is Eva in the first stages of moving out of her intense, dark back-drop into the light.freeing eva

Now again – more light and the change of the hand position


Now todays work  (- unfortunately with electrical light – a grey day in Provence


The reflections on the wet paint make it hard to see the nuances but the passages of tone and colour are opening up between background and figure. She still has a little way to go but I trust I can bring her into the right harbour.  So that there will be the appropriate quality of painterly considerations to invite contemplation of the existential elements the picture may inspire.  

 Here is the work of 21/22 November  2016 -increased light in background and on  lower part of body with some touches to the upper part.  I have altered the feet a little and  toned down the orange of the seat. I will probably blur out the seat much more as it is still drawing too much attention to itself. I still need to tidy up the feet and hand and do some overall harmonising.eva-into-light

This is the partner piece – much simpler in treatment, with free passage for the eye to circulate at will.



flowers in progressIMG_0005IMG_0006IMG_0003IMG_0001IMG_0002IMG_0002_2Lia et Eva 13:05

Lia et Eva 13:05lilas peonies power2 peonies rose1:05 IMG_0004 Voici ce qui ce se passe dans mon atelier actuellement – des portraits de fleurs en cours de réalisation. These pictures are all unfinished  – they will be exhibited in July in Saint Etienne les Orgues (Provence) I feel I am at a turning point with my work, there is a loosening that springs from a mixture of growing confidence and letting go of preciousness. Perhaps it’s something to do with reaching my half century – I hope I can follow it through and not slip back into the tensions of the past. white tulipspiony powerpionies digestive

eva detailcolour of her thoughts

eggman evolving

These two (Colour of his thoughts & Colour of her thoughts) are still not quite finished but coming along nicely methinks. Ces deux ne sont toujours pas finis, mais ça vient.