IMG_0003 V44A0222Drawing with charcoal and dry pastel in Provence

To understand the potential of scribble,

take a trip around a shape on a wild pencil.

Let your clumsiest hand teach you the secrets of proportion.


Maria will help you find a balance between freedom of gesture and discipline of observation, while you explore the elements of drawing  – line, form, space, shadow and  light.

 Open to all ages, those with experience as well as beginners. You will be surprised by what you can achieve!

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I have been lucky enough to have worked as a full-time artist for over 35 years, right from the start I have mixed the pleasure of teaching with the joy of developing my own skill and understanding through my painting and drawing explorations. Sorting through old cards and letters the other day I came across one from a student/friend, which I quote here as it is a beautiful reminder of the rewards of teaching;  “…I realise that my first steps towards art and creative expression, I made them with you. You taught me how to draw, how to paint but more than that, you taught me how to look at things and how to look at art….” Magali Charrier


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