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La Gracebudsu

We are the woven ones.

Of Dust and  folliage,

Tree trunks and mountain sides.

Sunlight and starshine,

Threaded with rose petals and teardrops,

Wefted with waterfall and morning mist.

Of all things living,

We are the woven ones.

Of the stars and their beginning.

of the earth and its ending.

Ephemeral and eternal woven in a human song.

being human 2

Solidaritésolidarity moving towards the light.jpg

Bringing this one into the light – the elements from the I Ching are Water and Earth, making up the trigramme Solidarity. I am bringing the colours closer to literal earth and water tones. Attempting to give the whole more subtlety and hence more power.


“Liberation ” is also getting a face-lift. The elements here are water and thunder -making the trigram Liberation. So I have completely covered the formerly red framing with cloudy purple grey. This feels much more liberating to me now that I am teetering on the edge of maturity.


work onwork on detail

” Work on that what has been spoilt ” revisited – bringing the colours of the mountain and the feeling of wind which are the two elements which make up the trigram.